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Think and Grow Rich
The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Getting Rich

Meet a Few Millennials Having Great Success in Real Estate Investing at West Meeting on February 26, 2018

Mon, February 26th @ 6:30PM in Marietta, GA
Millennials Having GREAT Success in Real Estate Investing
with Dorsie Boddiford, Matthew Fasnacht & Brandon Comer

Dorsie Boddiford, Matthew Fasnacht and Brandon Comer

Monday, February 26th @ 6:30PM,
Cherokee Cattle Company,
2710 Canton Rd, Marietta, GA

No Charge for Atlanta REIA Members, Guests $10 at the Door.

Millennials have been getting a bad rap lately. They don’t know what life was like before the advent of the internet. In addition, the educational system that they, as well as Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers have been subjected to is a training ground for a lifetime of employment and being average. Not a lot of room for “Shining Your Light” and independent thought.

There are some millennials that have “Seen The Light” and have turned toward investments in themselves, their business and entrepreneurship focused in real estate investing.

Come join us on Monday, Febraury 26th at 6:30PM at the Cherokee Cattle Company, 2710 Canton Rd, in near Marietta and hear the stories, answer audience questions, tell you some of their secrets and insights, let them motivate and inspire you into action.

Join us and you will learn…

  • How they got started, what they do and where they are now
  • What motivates them
  • What is their best accomplishment
  • What do they see as the future of real estate investing
  • Answers to your questions and much more!
About Our Panelists

Dorsie BoddifordDorsie Boddiford is a 28 year old, full-time real estate investor. She has built a business out of flipping houses while striving towards financial freedom with investments. Her deals include purchases at foreclosure auctions and tax deed sales, negotiations for owner-financing, deals through door knocking and mail outs, as well as deals with other investors through wrap mortgages, hard money loans, and equity participation.

Matthew FasnachtMatthew Fasnacht, is a full-time real estate investor in the metro-Atlanta market working with his family. Their businesses buy, sell retail, rehab, rent, wholesale, consult, and develop residential property primarily. They also have experience in manufactured homes and private lending. Matthew has worked previously in loan origination and processing commercial, residential, and business loans after earning a BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia in 2015 which has further enabled him to build a successful rental portfolio by leveraging assets to increase cash flow with little money out of pocket. Matthew often focuses on creative deal structuring for acquiring property instead of using his own funds.

Brandon ComerBrandon Comer, Brandon Comer is an investor from Dallas, Ga. He began his investing adventures in the summer of 2016 and has done dozens of deals since diving in full-time October of 2016. His main focus has been wholesaling properties to other investors and through his “By Any Means Possible” approach, has built the beginnings of an operation spanning the Southeast. Plans to truly 10X his goals in 2018 have already been set into action
He’ll be the first to tell you he’s no expert, but will also be the first to research the answers for any questions presented. Brandon lives with his wife and four foster kids and loves the flexibility and freedom real estate has presented him to be able to make a true impact on these kids’ lives.

Mark your calendar because this is happening on Monday, February 26th at Atlanta REIA West Monthly Event. RSVP NOW & DON”T MISS IT!

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Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on

Come in at 6PM so you may order a delicious dinner from Cherokee Cattle Steakhouse Restaurant

RSVP NOW! and join us for this Atlanta REIA West Real Estate Event at 6:30pm on Monday, February 26th at The Cherokee Cattle Company at 2710 Canton Rd. in Marietta. Come join us for this fun, informative event. See Y’all There!

Atlanta REIA Members can attend for no charge and Not-Yet Members for $10.00. Show up at 6:30 PM to eat and network before the meeting officially starts at 7:00 PM. Buying your own meal is optional but highly recommended and greatly appreciated since the Cherokee Cattle Company allows us to use their event room.

There will be lots of learning and lots of networking. Bring your Flyers, your deals, haves, wants and needs to the event.

See Atlanta REIA Events Calendar for More Events!

Episode 104: [TEAM] Hiring For Fit with Marco and Hillary Romero

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Show Notes

Hillary and Marco got married and became pregnant in 2015. In an effort to build the future they both wanted their family, they both quit their jobs that same year. Since then, they have built their real estate portfolio and build a wholesaling company that closes numerous transactions each month. With a team of six people in Hilco Homes, they look to grow strong in the new year of 2018!

Marco and Hillary got their start like most investors do. They were looking for a way to generate an income for their growing family and needed something that worked. Having already known the business, they decided to go for it and start their real estate investing journey. Hillary started studying up on everything she could. She read all of the books she could find on real estate investing and dove in. Marco helped her with some concepts, and together their wholesaling team was born. Now the two are unstoppable!

“I’m learning the best that I can,” Hillary says, “But Marco has 10 years on me.”

They had two major focuses.

1 – Marco and Hillary wanted to generate cash flow, or a passive income. This consisted of getting houses to rent. Marco points out that, even though the rent is paying for the house, that’s not a huge passive income for a family to live off of.

2 – Marco and Hillary needed an active income. This came to them through wholesaling houses. While they were building up their rental properties business, the two focused on finding wholesale deals to keep their lifestyle afloat.

Their wholesaling houses team started when a gentleman named Juan contacted Marco and asked for guidance in the real estate investing market. He was let go of a previous position and was looking for a job in the real estate market. Marco taught him how to bring in wholesaling deals with the profits being split between the two 50/50. The rest is history! Juan became a part of their team, and everything grew from there.

“We refined all of our systems and processes,” Hillary says, “It’s all about finding the people who work best with us.”

Their wholesaling houses team is up to 7, including their virtual assistant, and is still looking to grow. “We’re bringing on an eighth next week,” Marco says, “It’s a constantly evolving thing. Some people work out, and some people don’t.”

What are some of the lessons learned from hiring and letting people go?

Marco and Hillary have the idea of not hiring good people, but hiring great people. “We don’t just want to hire to fill a seat,” says Hillary.

Hiring high quality team members will only strengthen your wholesaling houses team over the long run. In the past, they required that applicants submit a resume, but have recently changed that policy. Seeing the pen and paper resume as an “out-dated system”, Hillary has decided to do video resumes instead. Marco and Hillary ask that applicants answer 3 questions in their 2 – 3 minute video submissions.

“I feel we’re a pretty good judge of character,” she replies.

If an applicant makes it past the pre-screening questions and video application, then they move on to a full interview with Juan. At that point, if Juan thinks this person is qualified and a good fit for the company, then they get moved on to Hillary for the final interview. This process has taken Marco and Hillary a few years to work out, but they’ve found it’s the most successful for finding people to add to their wholesaling houses team.


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