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Episode 78: [Rehabbing] Rehabbing with Jason Vickery and Peter Ryabikin

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Jason has been in construction over 25 years.  He started out of highschool working with his dad on misc projects and went on to own and operate a cabinet company for 12 years.  After closing the company he started lending to rehabbers for Gap funding and learning about this thing called flipping and started flipping in 2010.  Jason has been flipping ever since and joined up with Peter in 2014 and have flipped or wholesaled 50 + deals together.

Jason is married with a split family of 4 kids. All who are very active in sports, Competitive Dance, Swimming, Gymnastics, and basketball and football.  They just moved into their new home they had built a couple weeks ago.

Jason and his wife Megan who is a Vancouver school Principal enjoy traveling together, are very active in Crossfit at their local Box.  

Share your backgrounds and how you started flipping houses and working together.

Been in construction since 1993 owned a cabinet shop for 12 years build a few houses, Started in 2009 lending gap funding to a rehabber. Started doing all the work on flips in 2010-13 flipping about 15 in that time, Peter’s roofing company did all my roofs and we became friends during that time. We partnered on our first deal July 1st 2014 closed 3 deals that year together 2015 we did 11 deals, 2016 completed 22 deals wholesaled 10 and started a wholesale business we are partners on.

What are your goals for 2017?

Goals are 50 flips we have 25 on the books so far this year Plan is to wholesale 50 also min

Sold 12

Pending 5

Rehabs 4

Closing within 2 weeks 4

What are your favorite and/or most profitable types of houses to rehab where you are?

We love 2/1 800sqft houses we are in an out within 3-4 weeks

What do you do to prepare to start rehabbing before you close on the purchase?

We make sure we are ready to start the rehab the min we record we have a crew there to start and usually have house demod within a few hours.

Walk us through your rehabbing process from determining scope of work to lining up contractors to getting it ready for sale.

My business partner is my GC so he keeps our numbers in line.

What issues have you encountered when trying to sell rehabs?

Squatters homeless

Appraisal issues

Portland is a really hot market so our product sells within 2 weeks max most within the 1st weekend


We Buy Houses in Portland, OR
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The Secret to Getting Rich

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Do you ever think about what your life would be like if you doubled your income this year? What if you doubled your income AND you doubled the time you spend doing what you love? Better yet, with the people you love?

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The Secret? FOCUS

The key to being successful in life and with your business is FOCUS. Focusing on what you want and how you’re going to get there.

The key to being truly successful is knowing how and where to focus your time and efforts.

A while back I was talking with someone who sells fiber optic cables and computer hardware. He wondered if I thought it was a good idea to diversify and resell self-improvement programs online.

Here was someone who was doing fairly well with one business and about to take his eye off his primary source of income to try something he knew nothing about. Bad idea!

Find Something You’re Good At…And Become Rich Doing It

If you want to be successful, the key is finding something you’re good at. Focus your efforts on helping people…and become rich doing it.

If this man were to branch out and begin selling self-improvement programs online, odds are he would have no time to grow his current business. His finances would suffer over there all while trying (and failing) to build a new business online.

You should not try to diversify yourself across too many niches. You need to focus your business and marketing strategy to ensure the best results.

For example, every successful business owner knows they need a marketing strategy to attract new clients and make more money. But most don’t know how and where to focus their marketing. They try a little of this and a little of that and get little in the way of results.

Focus Your Efforts Strategically

Knowing how and where to focus your efforts is a habit of successful people.

Know who your customers are and where they are. Then direct all of your efforts towards finding them there and attracting them to your business.

Finding a proven system for getting prospects’ attention, generating leads, converting leads to clients, maximizing sales and generating repeat sales can easily double your income while cutting your time on the job in half (or even more).

Where Will You Aim Your Focus?


Now I’d love to hear from you, so my question today is: What area of your business will you choose to focus your efforts on this month?

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