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5 Hour House Flipping Workweek Webinar Replay Available

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The webinar we had last night (Tuesday, August 26th) filled
up so fast that many of you were not able to register.

The webinar was awesome!

Don’t worry though…it was recorded
and the replay is now available for
you to watch. :)

>>> Click here to watch the replay <<<

The 5 Hour House Flipping Work
Week webinar was awesome! We
had some technical difficulties but
the content was top notch.

If you want to know how someone
can flip over a 100 houses in a year
and basically do it all within about 5
hours a week, you must watch the

>>> Click here to watch the webinar replay <<<

Be sure to go and watch it soon
because Justin presents an awesome
opportunity to join his mastermind at
a steep discount.

All the information about it is on the
page with the replay.

There is a deadline though.

The discount to join the mastermind
ends Friday at Midnight. [UPDATE: The deadline was extended until Sunday, August 31 at Midnight! Don't miss out.]

If you’ve been following my blog for
any length of time, you know I don’t
usually recommend too many people.

When I do, you know it is because
I absolutely feel that they offer real
value AND they are out there DOING

Justin, has an amazing program that
I am very happy to recommend and
believe you should give some serious
consideration if you are serious about
creating a real flipping business and
having the freedom that a properly set
up house flipping business can provide.

>>> Click here to watch the replay and find out more about the mastermind <<<

Your flipping friend,
Danny Johnson

P.S. When Melissa and I started flipping
houses over 10 years ago, we had read
the E-Myth which talks about building
systems so that you work ON your business
more than IN your business.

We started to do just that but then got
caught up the business work and details…

Fast forward 10 years and I met Justin. He
didn’t get caught up in the details and
actually built the systems that allowed him
to work on his business for about 5 hours a
week and made 7 figures doing it.

There is a lot to learn from Justin. Don’t
just take my word for it, watch the webinar
replay and join his mastermind group.

>>> Click here to watch it now <<<


Get the EBook FREE NOW!

5 Hour House Flipping Workweek Webinar Tuesday, August 26th at 7:00 PM Central

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Be there or be square. :)

The free webinar with yours truly and Justin Williams will be:

August 26th at 7:00 PM CENTRAL

The webinar is called “5 Hour House Flipping Work Week” because that
is about how many hours Justin Williams spends working in his house flipping business.

>>> Click here to register for this free 5 Hour House Flipping Workweek Webinar <<<

That might not sound like an amazing feat, but when you consider
that fact that he’s flipped over 100 in a year and made 7 figures, you will
understand why I am so excited to be doing this webinar with him.

Before you stop reading this and think this is just another one
of those guys that flipped some houses and now has a course to
sell… hear me out.

I’m going to put it right out there in the open that, yes, we will be
discussing an opportunity at the end of the webinar. You know
that is usually what happens with these webinars…

BUT… and this is a HUGE BUT…

I completely believe this webinar will enlighten you to what most
investors, successful or not, don’t do that costs them the true freedom
that real estate investing provides.

Most think they understand the concepts, but very, very few actually
put them into practice.

Justin will inspire you.

Just so you know how I can be so confident in saying that, I will share
with you what I did after talking with him on the phone for about an hour
earlier this year.

After our conversation, and mind you I talk to a lot of different investors all
the time, I was so inspired that I thought about it for about 10 minutes
and just picked up my phone and called him to ask if he minded if I
immediately flew down and spent a day with him.

Seriously. I literally flew to California and spent a day and half with him
because I knew I could learn a lot from him. He really gets it when it
comes to setting up your flipping operations as a real business that
you run instead of letting it run you.

Whether you want to take the opportunity at the end of the
webinar or not, this webinar is your chance to hear what I learned from
him after boarding a plane and flying to California to learn it.

>>> Click here to register for the webinar <<<

Be sure to register right away as the system will only allow so many attendees.

Your flipping friend,
Danny Johnson

P.S. I don’t hop on flights all the time to visit other investors. I went
because I knew I was going to miss a huge lesson that I needed
to learn at this point in my house flipping business. It needed to be
more of a real business.


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