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The Biggest Mistake Most People Trying To Start Flipping Houses Make

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Think you know the biggest mistake people wanting to flip houses make when trying to get started?

If you’d asked me that question when I was getting started, I would have said “paying too much for a house just to get their first deal done.” That is a HUGE mistake but what I am talking about here comes into play even before that mistake is made.

This mistake is what causes people to continuously be learning but never doing. I’m sure that sounds familiar. So many people can’t seem to gain any traction or momentum because of this mistake.

I think you get the point. You really need to watch this video I put together for you about what this mistake is and how it’s keeping you from making a real go at this business.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also share with you the details of the only flip deal I ever lost money on. What makes this so shocking is that I had estimated a roughly $90,000 profit….but I still lost money. Crazy. It’s embarrassing and that’s why I’ve never shared it before. Hundreds of profitable flips and this one is the one that I would try to forget if it didn’t teach me some lessons.

More Goodies Coming…

This video is the first in a series of 3 videos that I’ve spent A LOT of time putting together. These things are packed full of great tips, ideas and stories. PLUS, I’ve got a HUGE surprise that I’ll be sharing in the last video (along with a FREE download for my Real Estate Investing Roadmap that breaks house flipping down into more detail than I’ve seen anywhere else).

Click here to watch the video that reveals the biggest mistake new investors make

Click here to watch the video now

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