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Don’t Flip Out: Beware the Risk of Artificial Appreciation

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Flipping CoinFlipping is back!  

 Home price appreciation has been so rampant, particularly in California and Florida, that flippers and get-rich-quick scam artists are flourishing again. Just as in the mania of 2004-06, flippers make money when the party is raging, but inevitably, someone loses when the party is busted. We are advising our clients in areas with a high percentage of flippers to take into account the risk of artificial price appreciation.

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FREE Real Estate Investing Roadmap

Real Estate Investing Roadmap

Want a roadmap that covers what is necessary to flip houses?

Now you can. Download it here

This thing is awesome!

I’ve never seen something quite like this that breaks down what all is involved with flipping houses. Some of the things broken out are:

  • Marketing
  • Getting Leads
  • Building Your Team
  • Determining Your Farm Area
  • Birddogging
  • Talking With Sellers
  • Managing Your Leads
  • The Seed Flip
  • Putting a Deal Under Contract
  • Wholesaling
  • Closing the Deal
  • and more…

Click here to down your Free Real Estate Investing Roadmap (plus 3 awesome house flipping training videos)

These will only be available for a couple days. So you came to the site at the right time. :)


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